Pursuing Environmental Science

As I come into my final semester as a college student, I have a thousand questions running through my mind. But one of them really sticks out: Do I regret choosing this major? And in addition to that: Is this a normal thing to be wondering about?

As freshman we come into college usually with no idea of what we want to study. This is what is wonderful about a Liberal Arts education; there are limitless opportunities. However as a freshman I knew I waned to pursue Environmental Science. I loved ecology and the various biology classes I was required to take, and excelled quickly.

When I started to have more freedom in the classes I chose, I realized that I had many more untapped interests. The only word that came to mind is “crap.” Had I wasted my freshman year diving into sciences when I should have been focusing on making sure that’s what I really wanted to study?

When I spoke to my friend about this, she expressed the same concern: “When I heard other people talk about their majors or when I took an elective, I realized there was a lot more out there that I found intriguing. But then I realized that I had to distinguish between what interested me and what I wanted for a career.”

I DO know that as I have been applying for various jobs and internships, I realize I am happy to have stayed with this major for all four years. I feel confident in my major and am knowledgeable about environmental science. And though I have countless other interests, this is the only thing I can see myself doing for the rest of my life.


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  1. Hubert Ruthleburger says:

    20 year program. major in everything

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