Has Franklin Pierce Prepared You for Life After College?

The point of this blog is to dive into the topic of the transition into adulthood and the career world. Lately, I have been attending concern-collecting forums with various groups of students. The main question posed: “Do you feel prepared to get a job when you graduate?”

From what I have been hearing, students don’t think so: “This school has not helped me at all.” My question for these students is: are they supposed to? Yes, to a certain extent, I expect that my professors will review my resume and give me tips. And the career center should help me focus my job search, if I am having trouble weeding through the mass index of listings. But is the point of college to do this for me? I don’t think so. College is meant to prepare students to be independent thinkers and self-starters. How does anyone expect to have a successful job later in life if they need everything handed to them on a platter? Further more, do these students really expect their bosses to keep them when they cannot do anything for themselves?

My apologies for sounding harsh, but it makes me concerned about our generation if this is the case. Franklin Pierce may be small and have limited funding, but it is an incredible place to be a student. Classes are tiny and teachers are accessible. There are no classes taught by TAs and attendance is mandatory. At any larger school, students are a number and are not given the opportunity to have a voice like they are here. This blog is representative of how terrific this school is: I’m a student, and I was given the chance to speak my mind to the masses!

Devon Holbrook, a senior here at Franklin Pierce stated: “The philosophy program that I am a part of may not be directly in my future, but it has prepared my mind to be more of a critical thinker. This will most likely help me in my future careers. I will have the ability to have assigned tasks and tackle them creatively and constructively, without command or babying. This is exactly why I have chosen to stay here, because this school has emphasized the student.”

So, what I am asking all of you, have we been hindered by the fact that we are expected to do things ourselves, or are we being served with a great advantage? I tend to think the latter, but I invite all opinions.


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2 Responses to Has Franklin Pierce Prepared You for Life After College?

  1. JoAnn LeMieux says:

    “Think like an adult” is a difficult concept for transitioning students (I’ve talked to many.) Students who are planners have a better chance of a smooth transition into work, but the jobs they choose are not always ideal. Some are under the gun to dive into a job. One male alumni that I spoke to said that he took a job with an insurance company doing data entry because he “needed a job” and he hates it. Another got a great job but wasn’t prepared for the “cubicle.” I agree that each individual has to take charge of their own situation!

    • Maegan says:

      JoAnn- That’s a very good point and I have not mulled it over. Character and personality of the student should definitely be taken into consideration!

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