Pursuing Mass Communication: Journalism

“Inbox Message: Sheila- Course Selection Senior Year”

Seeing this e-mail in my inbox makes me feel as though time has flown by. It feels like only yesterday I was choosing courses for my first semester freshman year and now I am almost done my journey here at Franklin Pierce University.

Senior year of high school I had a completely different path paved for myself that did not include Rindge, New Hampshire in the least bit. That path included a school in North Carolina and a major in International Studies with a career goal as high-end as an employee of the United Nations. Instead I came to Rindge and because International Studies was not a major choice I decided to go with the next best thing and something I have always had a passion for, Journalism.

I enjoyed all of my classes, but it was the ones in my major such as Journalism 1 & 2, Rhetoric and Society and Media Literacy that I looked forward to going to the most. I tended to excel more in these than any other courses, and when I realized it was because journalism was something I really enjoyed I knew I had decided on the right major. The next question on my mind was, is this major going to be able to provide me with a steady career?

Before I found out about the countless career paths a Mass Communication student is able to take after graduation I assumed I was just going be writing for a local small newspaper or perhaps work as a news anchor. The professors at FPU definitely helped broaden my mind to the job opportunities I could possibly get with a journalism degree.

Although I have strayed very much so from that path I paved as high school senior I have no regrets, especially in choosing journalism as my major. I have been busy applying for many internships this coming summer and I remain confident that the knowledge I have obtained about the journalism field at FPU will help me in my future endeavors.


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