Taking The Plunge

Last night I received an email from my dad, who has always given me the best advice when it comes to life and every little detour in which I find myself. Currently I have been getting increasingly more anxious about leaving the friends I have made on this campus. In the email my dad said this: “I don’t want to get too mystical but your life is a journey that you need to take yourself. Along the way you’re going to have many happy times and a few sad. Both are important as they shape who you are and help you to understand your part. The one thing I can tell you from experience is that true friends are hard to find and when you find one, you should not lose them for lack of effort… if someone is important to you, take a risk. Don’t be afraid to get hurt.”

As a graduate I WILL take a risk to stay in contact with my friends, look for jobs near them and spend my little money traveling to see them. I think this advice stretches far beyond relationships, though. Taking risks is what drives success. Reaching for things that are seemingly intangible. Apply to that job you never thought you could have, or that graduate school that is a big reach. Or, perhaps take a year off and travel. College is not the end of living life on your own time. Granted we are entering the working force very shortly, I will continue to leap out into the dark, hoping to land on something soft or find my wings.


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